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AvantGarde Solutions (AGS) was set up as far back as 2005 with the objective of offering a variety of consulting, advisory, and back office services to potential clients in the developed world, particularly North America, UK and Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Consulting services to Business Process Outsourcing companies located in India, specifically in the area of operations management, were also included in the stable of AGS’s service offerings. Over the years, the business has evolved and now encapsulates a service offering that spans business advisory, back office, and consulting services, and is relatively agnostic with regard to the industry vertical that clients may come from.

AGS’s solution offering promises quick turnaround time in terms of delivering in line with the needs of it’s clients. It also offers solutions in a highly economical manner as its cost structure, unlike larger organizations offering similar services, is designed to keep costs of the company and, consequently, its clients, low. This is achieved through a business model that relies on accessing resources needed to fulfill client needs through a partnership mode rather than always carrying the overhead costs of such resources. More details of our “Partner” profiles can be found in the “Partners” tab.

Solutions specific to each client are developed based on a clear understanding of the client’s needs and the scope of work that AGS is required to undertake. The commercials are then worked out based on this. Our target market both in India and the developed world are mid-size companies that would be interested in leveraging the Indian advantage but may not have the inclination or wherewithal to engage the services of significantly larger consulting/advisory/back office service companies.

Kindly take a few moments and browse through the website and see how we can provide solutions and partner your organization to take advantage of the vast business opportunity called India.

  • We retained AvantGarde Solutions to set up an operation for us in India to provide design and technical support for our semiconductor products. The results have been extremely positive resulting in a long-term association with AGS through an operation that has continued to grow and prosper. (more…)
    Ravi Vig
    VP, Allegro MicroSystems, LLC
  • We have worked with Rajdeep for several years. His knowledge, skill and understanding of India have proved invaluable and he is without doubt a core asset to our plans throughout this region.
    Dominic Brookman
    CEO, Universal Outdoor PLC
  • AGS was retained by us to assist in building a more relevant approach to the Indian market. I'm happy we have more than doubled our turnover in the three years of partnership with AGS.
    Akar Advertising & Marketing Pvt Ltd
  • I was impressed with your deep operational understanding of the BPO industry and I am very satisfied with the speed at which you have facilitated a turn around in our organization.
    Rustom Lawyer
    MD, Scribetech