Business Advisory

Our business advisory services are mainly targeted at small and medium size enterprises. These could be domestic enterprises that are attempting to grow their businesses in India and need advise relating to business strategy or help in business development. Alternatively, the advice sought and offered is in the financial and operational realms in order to help improve the financial health of the business or help institute and execute more sound operational processes and practices.

For enterprises abroad, these services include strategic advice relating to entering the Indian market, assisting in setting up operations locally, providing support by way of legal advice as may be necessary, and assisting in their business development efforts. In some cases, where required, liaison services with the government could also be made available.

Back Office Services

These back office support services are mainly offered to small and medium size enterprises abroad, primarily those in North America & Europe. These are designed to enable such enterprises to leverage the India advantages in terms of the relatively low-cost, highly skilled labor pool. The services offered are largely agnostic to the type of industry or business that the client enterprise is in. The focus in providing these services is to set up operations for the client in India either on a Build-Operate basis or on a Build-Operate-Transfer basis.