Our Successes

The client is in the business of design and manufacture of semiconductors and conducts its business across most of the globe. It wished to commission an operation in India on a Build-Operate-Transfer basis that would provide design and technical support services for its worldwide operations. We were retained to set up the operations. In less than six months from contract signing, we had set up the operations with the full complement of staff for the first stage of the operation and as desired by the client. Aside from design and technical support services, we have also added business development support services to the suite of services we offer the client. A dedicated team is engaged in the business of growing the market for Allegro's products in India. and the team has grown several times it’s original size in the five plus years of the operation.

For more information about Allegro, please visit www.allegromicro.com. For any queries related to Allegro, you may please email us at contact@avantgardesolutions.in

The client offers state of the art out of home digital media solutions to a variety of real estate owners across the UK including malls, theme parks, airports etc. In addition, through an associated company, the client also offers a high-tech solution that compliments the marketing efforts of it’s clients in the UK. AGS is supporting the client’s efforts by helping set up a manufacturing base for it’s digital display units in India. In addition, the software requirements are also being developed in India under guidance from AGS. In a relatively short period of time, it is also proposed to offer these services in India. AGS will play a key role in the setting up of these services in India.

For more information about Universal Outdoor, please visit www.universaloutdoor.co.uk/. For any queries related to Universal Outdoor , you may please email us at at info@avantgardesolutions.in

The client provides medical transcription services to several hospitals that are a part of the National Health Service of the UK. The company is one of the leading providers of such services from India. Having successfully demonstrated its capability to do so, the company is now poised for growth and needed assistance to manage the growth, both in terms of managing operational & financial efficiency. We were retained to help in meeting these objectives. Since the engagement commenced, we have helped train and educate operational management, build suitable MIS, both operational and financial, and helped develop and execute a plan geared to meeting set operational and financial objectives.

For more information on Scribetech, please visit www.scribetech.co.uk For any queries related to Scribetech, you may please email us at info@avantgardesolutions.in

Caravan Craft is a relatively young company set up with a focus on the burgeoning retail business in India. The company, through it’s retail outlets, offers a range of products that provide a heady mix of traditional India crafts blended with modern technology and contemporaneous functionality. The products are sourced from artisan clusters across India. These clusters are identifed by Caravan personnel and are then required to undergo a training process to ensure that they are equipped to provide products in line with Caravan’s requirements. This process requires working with the concerned departments that have been set up within various state governments to help promote the arts and crafts. AGS has been retained to assist Caravan in liaising and coordinating with various state governments in order to ensure that this process may be carried on smoothly.

For more information on Caravan Craft, please visit www.caravancraft.com. For any queries related to Caravan Craft, you may please email us at info@avantgardesolutions.in